Woburn, MA, Dec. 5, 2019 – FusionIQ, a leading investment research and technology provider, announced today their new client, SBI Thai Online Securities Company Limited (SBITO), are Brokers Champions at the 2019 SET in the City Conference, due in large part to their newest client offering, SBITrade USA, a digital investing platform. SBITO is the first pure-play online securities company in the country, established in 2015 as a joint venture between Tokyo-based SBI Group, the pioneer and current leader in online stock trading in Japan, and Finansia Syrus Securities, one of the five largest securities companies in Thailand.

SBITO utilizes the digital investing platform as a way to alleviate their clients’ potential psychological barriers for offshore stock trading. This white labeled platform has the look and feel of SBITO, but to their end user, it appears as more of an online shopping presence. The platform allows clients to pick their stocks, add them to their virtual shopping cart and check out. Clients are provided stock information, price chart, portfolio performance and other useful data to help make informed decisions, all on the SBITO branded platform.

The four-day conference, held in Bankcock on Nov 14-17, 2019, was host to over fifty-five vendors. Vendors entered into a conference challenge to see who could generate the most client sign ups after the four-days. SBITO took home the award for most new clients signed after demoing their new digital platform for attendees. This digital investing platform, leveraging technology from both FusionIQ, as well as DriveWealth’s state-of-the-art APIs, comprehensive licenses and broad investment inventory, is setting the industry standard for providing financial firms a more comprehensive service offering for their clients.

“SBITrade USA was born out of dynamic collaboration and a strong partnership among three innovative minded companies, DriveWealth, a U.S. based leader in global digital trading technology and a licensed broker-dealer, and FusionIQ, also US based innovative fintech company with deep roots in financial services investing, operations, and technology, and SBITO,” says Yukiko Roberts,  Chief Executive Officer of SBI Thai Online Securities Co.

“This comprehensive offering reiterates our company’s values to deliver, support, and expand our best-in-class digital solution for our clients,” said Andrew Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of FusionIQ. “We work hard to provide our clients with an all-encompassing technology solution needed to help serve their clients more efficiently.”


About FusionIQ

FusionIQ is an innovative fintech company with deep roots in financial services investing, operations, and technology, who developed a comprehensive digital investment platform powered by their proprietary research and security scoring/ranking system. For more information, please visit fusioniq.io.


About DriveWealth

DriveWealth Holdings, Inc., wholly owns DriveWealth, LLC, a member of FINRA and SIPC. DriveWealth, LLC is a licensed carrying and self-clearing broker offering digital brokerage solutions to broker-dealers, advisors and online partners worldwide through its proprietary investment platform. DriveWealth, LLC delivers access to the U.S. securities markets along with an array of digital products that power both emerging and established financial companies. For more information, please visit DriveWealth.com.


About SBI Thai Online

SBI Thai Online Securities Company Limited (Member number 33 of the Stock Exchange of Thailand) is a broker of online securities and derivatives trading. Self-service model that comes with technology, helping investors find investment opportunities. For more information, please visit SBI Thai Online.



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