Dynamic Portfolios


Smarter Analytics = Smarter Investing

You and your clients are now empowered with a workstation and complete analytical toolset driven by our proprietary financial research and algorithm for scoring and ranking stocks and ETF’s on a 1-100 basis in four dimensional factors that are constantly adjusted for various market environments.

A true four-dimensional scoring model

We assign numerical values to over 5,000 listed securities based on the fusion of our four factors.

    A dynamic, multi-factor fundamental model that examines over 70 factors. A proprietary algorithm determines which factors are most relevant given current market conditions and assigns those factors greater weight
    A proprietary weighting of multiple technical indicators, including three different time frames of trend, as well as individual and group fund flows
    Incorporates the magnitude and direction of earnings revisions, as well as changes in expectations from the Wall Street Community
    Includes a scoring of stocks that have the best returns over various time frames, from short-term to longer-term spanning weeks to months to years. Incorporates volume momentum and short-term price reversals

Applied from Top-To-Bottom

Composites Master Scores for Groups, Sub-Groups, Market Indices and ETF’s

We only look at Sectors, Groups, Industries and ETF’s as sums of their weighted individual components. By rolling up our proprietary, real-time, four-dimensional scores from the individual constituent level, we always present a true sum-of-the-parts picture. This approach assures that our process and our output transcend changing industry trends, dynamics, index composition, or ETF construction and reflects the actual fundamental, technical, sentiment, and momentum characteristics based on our proven algorithm.


Over 125 theme-based portfolios to choose from.

In addition to your own customized portfolios, you can select from a variety of theme-based portfolios representing various sectors such as health care, technology, ESG, industrials, and much more. Plus, we offer the ability to do tax harvesting strategies and overlays.

This actionable information, delivered through a centralized portal, makes it easy to monitor and automatically rebalance your individual securities and portfolios, anytime, anywhere.

User friendly dashboard and client interface provides the ability to view, sort, screen and rank securities and sectors in real-time and historically. You can harness the power of our system as a stand-alone idea generator, a tactical price and timing overlay to an existing strategy, or to create and back-test your own strategies.

Risk Assessment

Gauge your clients risk tolerance in real time.

FusionIQ can help firms make investment recommendations that meet fiduciary standards. Use our risk tolerance questions and scoring or provide your own.

Getting Started is easy

Your clients answer a few simple questions and off they go!